Starts August 12, 2020

Wednesday Nights @ 7-8 pm AKST

As the Body of Christ, we are meant to build up and support one another in our faith! Small groups are where that happens. Join us every week as we dive into the books of the Bible and what God wants to show us through the book.


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Zoom Meeting

All of our online lifegroups are hosted on Zoom. This gives us the chance to interact with each other and allows everyone the chance to share their perspectives (if they want to)!

The Bible Study is a tool we use to help facilitate the lesson. It helps keep us on track during meeting as well as helps motivate everyone to do the "homework" readings! Every person in the group will be provided a digital download, but you do have the option to purchase the physical book if you choose to.

the Bible Study

Calendar of Meetings

Every week we will go through a new book of the Bible! During the week you will go through each book of the Bible on your own reading a few chapters each day and fill out The Bible Study booklet while you read. Then when we meet every wednesday we will go over some the questions covered and get everyones perspectives and take on each of the books. Then we will discuss how we can apply it to our lives in a practical way!

Now a book seems like a lot and it is! You are encouraged to push yourself to read as much as you can, but we know that is not always doable.  During each meeting, the group leader will give you some key chapters and a "Sparknotes" style overview to read if you are unable to read everything!

  • August 12, 2020

    Introduction to Zoom and a little about the book of Genesis

    At Home this week - Read the book of Genesis

  • August 19, 2020

    Genesis Discussion and a little about Exodus

    At Home this week - Read the book of Exodus

  • August 26, 2020

    Exodus Discussion and a little about Leviticus

    At Home this week - Read the book of Leviticus

  • September  2, 2020

    Leviticus Discussion and a little about Numbers

    At Home this week - Read the book of Numbers